Saturday, September 17, 2016

Make Up or Break Up- Part II

Takeo is the first to break the moment of awkward silence.

Takeo: Sorry, but I just came to talk to you. I thought you would be here when I came.
Zoe: Hmph.
Takeo: Well, what else was I supposed to do? I send you a ton of texts and you don’t respond, then I call you and you never call me back! All I wanted to do was apologize and talk things through!
Zoe: Apologize for what? Making important life altering decisions and not telling me or saying I’m a failure at life?

Takeo: (switching to Japanese) Let’s get this straight: I never said you were a failure at life. I know I shouldn’t have said what I said but I was upset. I was upset because you didn’t seem to respect my interest and goals. This band means a lot to me and I really want it to work out. Ok, so we may not get famous, or the whole thing could fall apart in a few months or weeks or whenever, but at least I can say I tried. At least I can say I tired something that I really wanted to do, even if it didn’t work. At least I can say that for one month or one year I was able to live my dream.

I know the main reason you feel so betrayed is because of all the changes going on in your life. If it were me, I’d probably feel a little..well, left behind too. But I can’t help that joining the band happened at the same time you found out your aunt was planning on moving away. You’re a part of my life, so I should have told you what I was thinking of doing, but I had no way of knowing all this other stuff was happening. I was going to tell you earlier, but when I saw how upset you were about your aunt leaving, I held off because I didn’t want you to think I was leaving you too. That’s why I waited so long to tell you. I wanted you to be in a better state.

I’m sorry for not telling you when I had the idea to quit my job and join a band, I’m sorry for not telling you sooner, and I’m sorry for upsetting you in the park. If you don’t want to accept my apology and not talk to me, then we may as well break up. I’m not going to have a girlfriend who won’t even speak to me.

In the kitchen, Ellen and Vic were listening through the wall that separated the kitchen and living room. They had been able to follow up until Takeo began speaking Japanese.

Vic: Crap! All that anime I watch isn’t helping me understand any of this!
Ellen: I understood “girlfriend.” Maybe he’s breaking up with her and said he doesn’t want her to be his girlfriend anymore?

All while Takeo was talking, Zoe had stood there in stunned silence. She now realized that he was serious. Tears began welling up in her eyes.

Zoe: (also in Japanese) Oh Takeo, I don’t want to break up! I guess I was just so upset and I was taking it all out on you! I just felt like my whole world was coming apart and that one thing after another was going wrong! Oh I guess I don’t handle this kind of stress well!!

I thought you like playing the guitar for fun. I never knew you really wanted to join a band. I guess I never really thought about it. I shouldn’t have said you wouldn’t make it in your band. I really don’t want to break up with you, Takeo! Your really nice and super sexy! Can you forgive me?

Takeo: (stunned by Zoe calling him sexy) Umm...yeah.
Zoe: Oh yay!

Zoe jumps into Takeo’s arms giving him a big hug.

Meanwhile in the kitchen.

Vic: She just said something about sex.
Ellen: Of course you would understand that. They better not be having sex in the living room! I’m going out there to stop them before they go too far.

Ellen and Vic come out just as Zoe and Takeo have finished hugging.

Ellen: So I guess you two have made up.
Zoe: Yes!
Ellen: Well if you plan on DOING anything, I suggest you take it somewhere else.
Zoe: (thinking Ellen is talking about dinner) Oh well, I am hungry. The eggplant parmesan isn’t ready? 

Ellen: What eggplant...Oh, um we don’t have all the ingredients.
Takeo: Why don’t we all go out together? I’d love to get to know Zoe’s new friends better.
Vic: Great idea. That sandwich I had is long gone anyway.

Ellen is surprised that Vic is so willing to go out in a social setting, especially with Zoe involved.

Ellen: Hmm, I think this is more of an excuse to keep talking about guitars. Which one of you gentlemen is paying?
Vic: How about we go Dutch?
Zoe: I don’t care who pays as long as there’s food involved!

They decide to go Dutch and head to a trendy, yet affordable restaurant for dinner.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Make Up or Break Up- Part I

Since becoming roommates, Ellen and Zoe have moved into a new apartment. Their new landlord allowed them to paint their walls any color they choose, so they chose jade green! The girls are finally moved in and are beginning to settle into a normal routine.

Both Ellen and Zoe have the weekend off. Ellen has plans to spend the day with Vic, who is coming over later, while Zoe will be out running errands.

Ellen comes in with a plant she bought earlier that day.

Ellen: Hey Zoe, meet Sheila.
Zoe: Who’s Sheila?
Ellen: Our new houseplant. I figured since we’re going for a green theme, we should definitely have some plants around.

Zoe: OMG Elle! Do you name all of your plants?
Ellen: Well, of course. Plants are people too. Besides, my mom named all of her plants and they grew like crazy.
Zoe: Umm...I don’t know. I’m pretty sure that's not scientifically based.

Ellen: Whatev’. Have you heard from your aunt?
Zoe: No. I assume she’s pretty busy with her lecture series. Once she starts on those marine animals, there’s not much else on her mind.
Ellen: Well, I hope she hasn’t forgotten she’s supposed to be getting married this summer.
Zoe: I don’t know, but maybe they’ll push the wedding back.
Ellen: Maybe. So...are you and Takeo still not talking.

Zoe: Umm...I don’t know. I think I still need some time…
Ellen: I’m no expert on relationships, but the longer you two go without talking, the harder it will be to stay together. I think you should talk as soon as possible.

Zoe: Maybe, but I have to go. I’ve got a ton of stuff to get done today! Have fun with Vic!

Zoe rushes out, leaving Ellen and Sheila alone. A few minutes later Vic arrives with his guitar.

Vic: Zoe isn’t here is she?
Ellen: No, she’ll be out most of the day running errands.
Vic: Good. I don’t know how you can deal with her. Doesn’t she irritate you?
Ellen: Funny, that’s what most people ask me about you. Zoe’s sweet, but a little ...over enthusiastic at times. Besides, as soon as I mention that she should talk to her boyfriend, she manages to find an excuse to jet. Do you want a sandwich?

Vic: Sure. Hey, is this a new plant?
Ellen: Yeah. That’s Sheila. I got her this morning.
Vic: Sheila? You’re seriously naming a plant? Who does that?
Ellen: Um, anyone who wants their plants to grow gives them names. Why is that so hard for people to get?
Vic: (mumbling under his breath) Because it’s crazy.
Ellen: (from the kitchen) Did you say something?

Vic: (thinking to himself) How did she hear that? (Out loud) Uh, no. Maybe it was Sheila.

Ellen: (coming from the kitchen with the sandwiches) Very funny! Have you heard from Guy? Zoe says Kira has been so busy with her lecture that she hasn’t talked to her. What’s going on with the wedding planning?
Vic: Guy’s been coaching a Girl’s junior gymnastics team, and they have a competition coming up, so he’s been pretty busy too. Not that I really want to get involved in his wedding planning anyway. You’re acting like it’s your wedding!
Ellen: Don’t get scared Vic; I’m not going to pressure you to marry me. I’m just super excited about going to a wedding! Do you know when the last time I went to a wedding? It was two years ago when my cousin got married, so I’m due for another one. I have the perfect dress in mind, too! I think I will go on and put it on layaway now just to be on the safe side.

Vic only responded with an exasperated sigh. After they had eaten, Vic began playing his guitar and Ellen started working on her blog. They were disturbed by a knock at the door. When Ellen answers it, she’s surprised to see a young man at the door. 

Takeo: Sorry to disturb you, but I was wondering if Zoe was here? I’m Takeo, by the way.
Ellen: I’m Ellen. No, she’ll be out for most of the day. Have you tried calling her?
Takeo: Yes, but she hasn’t been answering.

Ellen: (thinking to herself) Dang, she’s been ignoring his calls too! (To Takeo) Oh...well she should be back in a couple of hours. I could let her know you stopped by, but I know Zoe, and she will just keep avoiding you. It’s probably best if you stick around until she comes back, that way you can corner her and she’ll have to talk to you.
Takeo: Oh...But won’t she get angry?

Ellen: Yeah, I’m sure she will. But she’s already pissed at you anyway, so you have nothing to lose.
Takeo: Well, when you put it that way, you do have a point. Are you sure you don’t mind if I hang around?
Ellen: No, we weren’t really doing anything anyway. Do you want something to eat or drink?
Takeo: No I’m fine.

Ellen invites Takeo in and goes back to her blogging. Takeo takes the opportunity to talk to Vic about his guitar.

Takeo: So, you play a lot?
Vic: Not a lot. This is mostly a hobby for me. I hear you’re in a band.
Takeo: Yeah, but we haven’t done a show yet.
Vic: Do you play lead?

Takeo: No bass. I like the deeper tone of a bass, but it can be harder to play because of the thicker strings. I use a pick, but that’s a bit tricky for me when I’m paying standing up.
Vic: Other than the strings, is it harder to learn than a 6-string?
Takeo: Well, I can’t really say. I was pretty crappy at guitar, but I’m fairly good a bass. I’m not the best, though. Our lead plays guitar and bass and he’s phenomenal on both.

The boys continue to blab on about guitars and lose track of time. It isn’t long before Zoe comes back.

Zoe: Hey Elle, look at all this stuff I found on sale at...ahhh! What are you doing here?!
Ellen: Oh, Takeo came by to see if you were here. Since you were out I told him to stay and wait on you.
Zoe: What!!

Ellen: Actually, Vic and I were planning on making eggplant parmesan together.
Vic: We were?
Ellen: Yeah, so we’ll just head to the kitchen to get started.

Ellen grabs Vic and drags him to the kitchen before he has a chance to protest, leaving Zoe and Takeo alone in the living room.

To Be Continued...

Friday, July 8, 2016

6 Degrees Ep 7: Long Distance Love

In addition to being a personal trainer, Guy is also the coach for the Junior Girls Gymnastics team. It was the end of a particularly rough training session. 
Whitney: Ouch!
Guy: Whit, that’s the third time you’ve fallen on a basic flip. You really need to concentrate.

Whitney: I know coach. I’m trying really hard. 
Tears start welling up in Whitney’s eyes and her voice begins to tremble a little. Guy assumes it was because of the fall, but since it’s close to the end of practice, he decides to let Whitney off easy for the day.

Guy: Well, go change and we’ll try those flips again next week.

As Whitney heads off, Guy notices a well dressed woman enter the gym. She heads straight to Guy.

Ines: Are you the gymnastics coach?
Guy: Yes. How can I help you?
Ines: I’m here to pick up my daughter, Whitney.
Guy: Oh, so you’re Whitney’s mother. It’s nice to meet you. She just went to change.

Ines: Ines Newman. Nice to meet you too. I’m afraid I don’t come around often to pick Whitney up. Well, not at all actually. Her father always did that…

Her voice trails off a little after the last sentence.

Guy: Yes, I’ve met Mr. Newman a few times. Actually, I’m a little concerned about Whitney. She’s always been the team’s star gymnast, but lately she seems to have lost her focus. She’s been messing up on basic maneuvers. I don’t mean to meddle, but it seems that this all started after she missed practice a few weeks ago. I just wanted to make sure everything is ok.
Ines: Well, we’ve been going through hardship, but we’re working through it.

At that time Whitney reappears.

Guy: Sorry to hear that. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.
Ines: Thank you. Ready dear?

Whitney and Ines leave the gym. Right after they leave. Guy’s cell phone goes off. He looks at the phone to see Kira’s name come up.

Guy: Well, hello stranger.
Kira: Hey hun. Sorry I haven’t been able to call you. You have absolutely no idea how grueling these lecture series can be! The students are great, though and loving every minute of it! They are all so engaged!
Guy: That’s great! I’m glad to hear everything is going well. How is sunny California anyway?
Kira: Well, it’s definitely sunny, that’s for sure! It’s gorgeous!
Guy: So have you started staking out a venue for the wedding? I’d come join you to help, but I’m in the middle of training season, and our competition is at the end of the July.

Kira: Actually, that’s the main reason I called. So, I heard back from the research grant I applied for, and they accepted my proposal! The only thing is the grant runs out in 6 months. Since I’m already here in California, I decided to just stay and do my research on the California Sea Lion. But, with such a short deadline to do so much research, we’ll have to postpone the wedding until late Fall, or more likely Winter.

Guy: Wait, hold on! You’re saying you’re staying in California for another 6 months and you’re postponing our wedding?! Those are big decisions to just make on your own!
Kira: I know, I know. It’s a lot to take in, but it all happened so fast! This grant is a one shot chance. With government spending being so tight, research grants aren’t exactly floating around in the air. If I turned this down, I may never get this chance again.
Guy: Well, yeah, but what about the paperwork we submitted. That’s already in the works now. 

Kira: Arrg, I completely forgot about that. Well, these things take time, anyway, so we should be good in 6 months. Listen, I have to go, but I promise I’ll call you tomorrow night and we’ll talk about this some more. Bye!

Before Guy could say anything else, the call had ended. Guy was left numb.

Guy (thinking out loud): A horrible practice session and then this!
Even though it was already after 6pm, Guy knew the only way for him to compose his thoughts and digest what he had just heard was to go for a long run.


The ride home for Ines and Whitney was a long, silent one. Once home, the silence was even more apparent, as Troy, Ines’ son was out picking up Hailey, the youngest of the children, from pre-school.

Whitney: Did Coach tell you I fell three times?
Ines: Well, he said you didn't do too well today. Sweety, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall as long as you get back up.
Whitney: I guess. I just want to keep doing good so I can make Daddy proud…

Before she could even finish the sentence, she broke into violent sobs.

Ines: I know dear. You Daddy would be proud no matter what you do as long as you try your best.

Ines wraps her arms around her daughter to comfort her, but then begins to cry herself.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

6 Degrees Ep 06: Sweet Beginnings...

It’s Saturday afternoon, and Ellen has been spending the day with her cousins, Brianna and Diedre. What better place to take them for lunch than the Boa Boa Cafe!

Ellen: Ok, Girls, what do you want to order?
Brianna and Deidre: Cupcakes!!
Ellen: Maybe one cupcake for each of you, but only one. 

While Ellen helps the girls order foods that are not pure sugar, Zoe walks in.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

6 Degrees Ep 05: The Truth Shall Set You Free

It had been a rough few weeks for Takeo, who had made a lot of major life changes, unbeknownst to Zoe due to her “delicate” emotional state. Takeo knew he had to talk to Zoe sooner rather than latter, but he needed advice on how to do it. Takeo decided to take a trip to an industrial style loft downtown. When he arrived, he saw the person he was looking for.

Takeo: Hey Konstantin. Oh I mean privet. Zach’s not around is he?
Konstantin: Net, but you should really say “Zdravstvuyte” since we’re meeting for the first time today.
Takeo: Well, “privet” is easier to say, so I’ll stick with that. I was hoping Zach wouldn’t be around. I need advice and I don’t think I could take his sarcasm.
Konstantin: Da, he is very sarcastic...and weird. He keeps calling me pretty. Very strange.
Takeo: Yeah, well, I need advice about my girlfriend, and you seem like you’re good with women.
Konstantin: Me? Ha ha, I seem to be good with women! Why do you think I’m good with women.
Takeo: Well, Auden goes through a string of women every few days, and Zach is...well creepy, so I guess that leaves you.
Konstantin: Well, I will do the best I can.